Northern Ireland Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers

About Us


NIACUS has a growing number of scoring members, and has enjoyed esteemed members, such as Vice President - former North of Ireland Scorer, Pat Rogan, and there are also a number of umpires who are also qualified scorers.

To be eligible to score for Ireland or in other international matches, you should be a Qualified Scorer at Standard Level (see below) and be able to do linear scoring (e.g. by Frindall method). This can be achieved through membership of NIACUS.

It is only through scorers showing an interest in the Association that it will enhance the position of scorers both as members and in the wider context of the NCU, Ireland and Europe. So come on - if you are a scorer reading this, why not join? It only costs £10 a year and you meet and make many friends through attending the monthly meetings. Even if you can't come to meetings, you get the newsletter throughout the winter - it contains many useful pieces of information. You also get invited to Scorers' Training Courses and have an opportunity to attend the Annual Dinner of the Association in April of each year.

Email us your name and address and we'll send you an application form for membership!

Becoming a Qualified Scorer

For many years the ACU&S had a three tier qualification system. The current mechanism for the training of scorers is under review by the ECBACO and when more details are to hand, this section will be updated.