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International Representative Honours

Many of our umpiring and a number of our scoring members have had the honour of being selected to officiate in International matches, both at home and abroad, many in major tournaments and others in ‘friendly’ matches. Paddy O'Hara holds the overall record for standing in 47 internationals, while the late Trevor Henry stood in 38. Murray Power has now scored in over 200 Ireland Internationals, a record which is unlikely to be surpassed due to an Ireland scoring panel now having been established.

Other notable achievements include Beattie Arlow being selected to represent Northern Ireland in the Commonwealth Games in Malaysia in 1998. This was the first time that cricket had been included in the Games. Beattie was selected as the 4th official in the Bronze Medal Play-off, having already stood in three matches.

Paddy O'Hara had previously been honoured when he represented Ireland in the ICC Trophy in Kenya in 1994, and was subsequently appointed to stand in the ICC Trophy Final. This was between Kenya and United Arab Emirates, in Ruaraka Stadium in Nairobi. In the summer of 2000 Paddy also became the first Irish umpire to stand in a Nat West match not involving Ireland. In the 2001 season Paddy was the nominated Ireland umpire for the ICC trophy in Toronto.

In 2002 season Trevor Henry was the nominated Ireland umpire in the European Championships, held in Belfast. A number of other NIACUS umpires also officiated at the European Championships - Peter White, Trevor Magee, Mark Hawthorne and Jim Wiseman. Joy Muir was selected to score for Ireland, while Roy Parkhill and Jonathan Lyttle scored for teams who had no scorer with them.

The ICC Trophy was hosted by Ireland in 2005, giving some of our local umpires the opportunity to stand in warm-up matches and scorers the chance to score for a variety of teams from Bermuda, USA to Uganda.

However, the highest honour of all was that achieved by the late Trevor Henry, who was one of only 10 umpires selected for the inaugural ICC Associates and Affiliates Umpires Panel after performing well at the ICC World Cup Qualifying Series event in Malaysia in 2005. His good performances in important matches in the ICC Trophy and ICC Intercontinental Cup then earned him an invitation to officiate at the ICC U/19 Cricket World Cup taking place in Sri Lanka in February 2006. This was the first time that the ICC had selected non-Full Member umpires to officiate in this prestigious event on merit and this was a source of great pride for all those that were close to Trevor. Sadly Trevor took ill and was unable to go to Sri Lanka. He passed away at the time of the U19 World Cup and tributes to him were paid throughout the world, with Darrell Hair attending his funeral on behalf of the ICC.

There are now few opportunities for umpires to stand in international fixtures locally as the majority of Ireland’s matches are those to which umpires are appointed from outside Ireland. However, 3rd umpire opportunities do still exist and a number of our umpires have fulfilled this role recently – for example, Trevor Magee, who stood in the middle for part of an over in the 2006 C&G match against Somerset and Peter White, who was 3rd umpire in the first ever ODI between Ireland and England in June 2006.

Fully qualified scorers who can do the Frindall method of scoring are still sought after to score for Ireland and for visiting counties who do not bring a scorer with them – for example, Judith Hewitt from Bangor CC got the opportunity to be in the box for the Ireland v England ODI as England did not bring a scorer, while Peter Russell from CSNI CC scored for the public address announcer so that match details could quickly be broadcast to the crowd. Press scorers are also needed for major fixtures, with Roy Parkhill from Carrickfergus CC often volunteering to carry out this difficult job while Keith Smith is a regular scoreboard operator for internationals at Stormont.

Here is the list of our umpire members and the number of International matches in which they have stood. The list includes Full Internationals competitive and friendly games involving Ireland and also Full Internationals in ICC European and Global Tournaments. These include Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Holland and the many countries now participating under the banner of ICC-Europe. Many of the umpires listed have also officiated in numerous internationals at ‘A’, U23, U19, U17 and U15 levels but these are NOT included in the figures below.

Name Matches Name Matches

PL O'Hara


PFG Reith


T Henry


W Taylor


TC Magee


J Wiseman


M Hawthorne


G England


WB Arlow


JA Vaughan


K Smith


RJ Baxter


A Neill


J Craig


MAC Moore


Major CG Ormsby


WD Jones


JE McCall


P White


E Bruce


GC Archer


FJ Castell


WJ Baxter


WS Long


WM Finlay


J McGookin


W McCallan


I Reid (Downpatrick)


JB Boomer


Dr G Talbot


P Lunney



N Petts