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Remember Me

A tribute to scorers

Remember me, for I do exist, I flash my light or wave my hand. In recognition of your Masonic signs, decoding each and dutifully recording Every one for posterity………..Remember me

Remember me, when it's time for drinks, because no matter where I may be ensconced, I still need re-hydrated and once you amble back to duty, spare a glance To see if I'm still there……..Remember me

Remember me as a soft rain falls to enhance this green and pleasant land Paper absorbs and ink tends to run, but never a thought for me you give But as you call, " Play"………Please do remember me.

Remember me when the wind is blowing, or even if, by some freak chance, it's snowing Three jumpers and a coat I'm wearing, and with frostbite approaching Just spare a thought………remember me

Remember me when you call "Tea" and scurry off to sausage rolls And egg and cress and fairy cakes. For I am still making one and one to equal three……………So please, please remember me.