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Why do I do this?

It can be a miserable cold , damp day. You are fed up listening to the constant chat from the players. There have been a few incidents in the game and you are getting all the stick for the decisions. You go home after some 8 hours or more and ask yourself "Why do I do this?"

I umpired a game at the end of the season with our esteemed appointments secretary, Ian Houston, on probably the best day of the summer, in the best setting and with a very enthusiastic crowd.

It was the Under 11 All-Ireland Final held at Waringstown on 25th September. Ian and I were greeted on arrival with Tea and Coffee and an array of assorted pastries etc. We were then fed again at the interval between innings and finally another feast of homemade lasagne or chicken pie after the game.

We were thanked at the presentation by the Official party, the coaches , the parents of the children playing and most importantly of all we were called 'sir' by the young players.

If you haven't visited site and viewed the pictures or read the report, I would entreat you to do so.

It was everything about how cricket should be played and a great way to round off a very long season .

It is the reason why I do what I do!

Alex Adams